About Us

Pet Waste

Pet waste can pose a serious health hazard to both animals and humans. Dog waste can contain harmful bacteria, worms and parasites. If not disposed of, parasites can pass back to pets or to children and adults who play or work in the garden. If left uncleared for long periods the waste can also bio-degrade and begin seeping into waterways.

What we do

We provide a pet waste removal and cleansing service. This not only covers dogs but also cats and foxes. We are quite unique in that we not only remove and bag the waste but also use an environmentally friendly cleansing solution to sanitise and deodorise where the waste has been. The solution is harmless to both humans and pets but dilutes any remaining residue, reducing harmful toxins and pathogens.

We hold a S.E.P.A. waste carrier license which allows us to transport waste and provide the relevant transfer notes ensuring compliance to both Scottish and E.U. directives.

We also offer a grass cutting service in summer months to compliment regular domestic visits.


Our most popular service is visiting once a week but we also provide monthly, fortnightly or 'one off' major clean ups.


Our charge depends upon the size of the garden or area being cleared and the amount of waste being removed. We aren't saying that we charge per poop, but if the area hasn't been cleared for quite some time or you have several dogs then this would cost more than a regular weekly visit with one dog in the household.

Visiting once a week to an average size garden with one dog costs £10. Two dogs £12.


We are proud of the service we offer and that our customers demand a high quality, reliable service.

If any of our work does not meet up to your expectations then we will return the next day and put things right. No quibble, no fuss. We depend a great deal on repeat business and happy customers recommending us to friends and family.