Lawn Care

Preventing and treating lawn brown spots


The effects of dog urine on your lawn are similar to that of a nitrogen-rich liquid fertiliser. A little fertiliser makes your lawn healthy, but too much will kill it. 

Spray areas where your dog urinates with water


Pouring or spraying water on the area after your dog urinates will help to dilute the urine and lessen the effects of the nitrogen on your lawn.

Encourage your dog to drink plenty of water


The more your dog drinks, the less nitrogen will be concentrated in the urine and the less damaging it will be to the lawn. It will also be healthier for your dog.

Pee Posts


Some products are impregnated with pheromones to encourage your dog to pee on or near them. Designating an area for your dog to urinate will save the rest of your garden.

Don't fertilise your lawn where your dog urinates


Fertilised lawns may already have as much nitrogen as they can handle. Even the small amount of nitrogen in dog urine may be all that is needed to burn the lawn.

Lawn repair treatment or replanting grass seed


There are a number of products available over the internet. Spray product on affected areas and flush with water. If the treatment doesn't work then you will need to reseed the damaged area.