Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dispose of the waste?

If it's a small domestic contract then we will double bag it and deposit it in the properties domestic bin. For larger volumes or commercial contracts we remove it for disposal at a local authority site. We hold a waste carrier license  and will ensure that any transfer notes are provided.

Are you insured?

Yes. We hold full public liability insurance for £1,000,000. We will provide a copy of our cover note if required. This can be retained by you for your peace of mind.

What are your payment terms?

As a new small independently run company we do not presently have any PayPal or online payment facility. Small domestic contracts can be paid either in cash or by bank transfer. Commercial contracts will be invoiced monthly with a payment term of 30 days.

Am I bound into a contract for a certain period?

Not at all. Please however notify us if you no longer require the service in advance. If we turn up to do the clearance then we will charge you for that last visit.

I'm a landlord or commercial business with multiple properties. Can I pay you on one invoice?

Of course. We will discuss your specific needs and mutually agree terms prior to commencement of the contract.

Do I have to be in when you call?

No, but please ensure that you have left any gates unlocked or have given us a key to gain entry. We will also not enter the property if this would pose a safety risk for staff (e.g. a guard dog is left unrestrained or an access route is blocked).