Domestic Contracts



We love them as you do to, but we also know that the little (sometimes large) presents they leave for you isn't really the highlight of your day. You don't want your best friend/s to be banned from the garden or walking mucky deposits back into their home though.  We can help.

What we do

We provide a pet waste removal and cleansing service. This not only covers dogs but also cats & foxes. The waste is scooped. We then use an environmentally friendly cleansing solution to sanitise and deodorise where it's been. We clean both hard and soft surfaces (including AstroTurf).

If you are a regular customer we will also cut your grass after the waste has been removed.


Our most popular service is visiting once a week but we also provide fortnightly, monthly or 'one off' major clean ups.


Our charge depends on the size of the area being cleared and the amount of waste being removed. We aren't saying that we charge per poop, but if the area hasn't been cleared for quite some time or you have several dogs then this would cost more than a regular weekly visit to a household with one dog. Visiting once a week to an average size garden with one dog costs £12.50.

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We are proud of the service we provide and that our customers demand a high quality, reliable service. If any of our work does not meet up to your expectations then we will return the next day to put things right. No charge, no quibble, no fuss!